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Learn exactly how to build multiple online income streams.

Want to make millions with affiliate marketing, dropshipping or crypto?

Good luck (lol).

These methods worked 10, 5 and 3 years ago respectively.

Today, other methods will help you build tens of thousands of dollars in side-income.

This is not just a place for ambitious consumers of MegaloMedia content – it is THE community for ANY ambitious person who’s not afraid to dream big.

Our cutting-edge university courses and newsletters dive deep into the art of side hustles that are trending RIGHT NOW (in winter 2023):

Prepare to learn and build your Micro Private Equity Empire, Faceless Youtube Conglomerate, Video Editing Agency powered by AI, Angel Investing Syndicate, a remote premium copywriting career (powered by, you guessed it, AI) and more.
Whenever you have questions our university professors (& our awesome community) are there to answer them.

If you are looking to find friends who are as ambitious as you are, you have come to the right place. We build tight business bonds, do cigar club meetings in different cities, exchange workout hacks and much more.


Julian, 30

Julian leveraged the course material and community at Giga University to build his Private Equity empire. Watch the video and learn how.


Lance, 25

How Lance optimized his skills and learnings from Giga University to make over $5k a month as a Freelance Video Editor.


Connor, 35

Learn how Connor navigated through his journey in copywriting and why he is well on his way to quit his 9-5 job


Imran, 21

Imran has broken into the world of sales with his first gig paying him $1500 on a monthly retainer. Find out how.

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Ambitious Community

Diverse: Investment bankers, private equity folks and small business owners.

Ambitious: Some of us have millions already, some not – but we all aim high.

Mentors: Unsure about your career? Side-venture? Your girl? Ask the group!

Video Library

Many hours of video material that are constantly being updated.

Learn how to build a YouTube empire.

Learn how people make tens of thousands $ building video editing agencies.

High quality professors

We are the community with the highest calibre of people in our community

Real finance and business folks: private equity, VC, hedgefunds people – we have it

Also people that make money with ‘traditional’ methods: agencies, dropshipping, etc.

Multiple Video Courses

#1. How to build youtube channel empires

In this course you will learn exactly how to build a successful YouTube channel empire – be it one channel or multiple channels. Be it running them very actively or outsourcing as much as possible. Over the past months and years, Kevin Jon, one of our professors has built a synergetic network of YouTube channels. He did so by mainly focusing on the documentary niche – because right now is a unique moment in time. There is a great opportunity to build documentary and animation channels because of the high level of AI support you can apply during the process. Contrary to what some gurus might want to teach you: Quality is key—create engaging, informative, and visually appealing videos. We’ll teach you how. Lastly, we’ll also tell you how to regularly upload content to maintain audience engagement and growth as well as optimize monetization for your channel.


What nobody tells you before starting your YouTube channel building journey. Why you should read our course pdf before watching the course. It contains some great primers and secrets.

How to pick a niche so that your channel goes viral if one of your videos goes viral. This is critical when trying to build a successful channel, that will attract evergreen views.

The quantitative, analytical method of picking a niche for your YouTube channel. Picking a niche is very important in order to make sure you earn money with your channel ASAP.

There is also a qualitative, less analytical method of picking a niche for your YouTube channel. Even though we love analytics, you should consider this option to make money long-term.

We are doing YouTube for passion, but we also want to make money with it. This is why you need to keep some important things in mind before considering channel/video ideas and strategies.

YouTube comes down to telling great stories. If you cannot tell great stories (or your employees) you will fail. 100% guaranteed. We teach you how to tell stories with an easy framework.

It’s not as easy as you think. There are some minor but important things you should keep in mind when uploading your video to YouTube to ensure success.

The famous 3 video strategy for people who do not want to waste time and want to be the proud owner of a successful and monetized YouTube channel ASAP.

If you don’t want to do everything yourself you’ll need to hire people. And hiring is hard. But if you nail it, you have a huge competitive advantage. We show you how we hired more than 30 people.

It’s not as easy as briefing someone and they’ll deliver the perfect work. This lesson will save you at least 3 months of time based on our experience of hiring dozens of people.

At some point things start getting messy. Multiple scripts, video edits, sponsorships in the pipeline. Maybe multiple people working for you. We show you how to manage that.

The works starts when you video is uploaded. That’s when you need to optimize for CTR – and make sure you don’t leave money on the table.

There are some options to earn even more on YouTube. We explain what these are, how to modify them and whether or not you should use all the options.

How to deal with demonetization? What about copyright issues? Based on the experience with some of our crime channels (and others) we give you our secret advice.

There are a multitude of options on how to make money with YouTube and AdSense is just one of them. If you want to unlock the full potential, you need to know all the options.

If you are not satisfied building just one channel – or you get bored – we show you how to build a proper portfolio of synergetic channels. And what is critical when doing so.

This is for the megalomaniacs among us. A guide on how to get into billionaire territory when building YouTube channels – and turning them into media conglomerates.

#2. Video editing agencies as business models

Video editing agencies offer substantial earnings potential and are enticing business models. Our coaches share their experience of building a video editing agency – and stumbling upon a hidden gold mine. Effective team building is pivotal – and determining early on in the agency process if you want to take a risky and fast approach – or a safer but slightly slower approach while building your agency. Is it necessary to acquire solid video editing knowledge? How can you leverage AI optimally in order to beat the competition of video editing agencies? And how to acquire your first paying customers? These are just some of the questions that are being discussed in the course.


Video editing agencies are trending. Needless to say, you should not waste your time building SMMA etc. The opportunity to build video editing agencies is now and will not last forever.

Video editing agencies are the perfect lifestyle business. You can easily earn 10s of thousands of US dollars per month. They are not going to make you a billionaire but will make you millions.

Same as when building a YouTube channel or YouTube empire: The team is the key to your success. We explain how to navigate hiring and don’t make expensive hiring mistakes.

There are two options to building video editing agencies – and both are viable. But both have advantages and disadvantages and might not be right for everyone.

If you want to build a video editing agency you might want to acquire some basic video editing knowledge. We show you how – and why it might not even be necessary to go deep.

If you don’t want to have a massive cost side it is important that you leverage AI intelligently in your agency. This will drive down cost and increase profit at the end of the month.

And Many More Courses:

Our Professors


• Studied at London School of Economics (LSE)
• Manages a hedge fund with over $200M in Assets Under Management (AUM)
• 10 years of experience at a bulge bracket bank and PE Fund


• Based in Dubai, enjoying a tax-free lifestyle
• Raised millions for his fintech, and managed billions in customer funds
• Interested in health, biohacking, fintech, crypto, and international diversification


• CEO of 7 figure data and technology consultancy specialising in AI and ML
• Prior experience working in the hedge fund industry
• Portfolio management using algorithmic trading ideas


• Began his career in Management Consulting
• Grew his net worth to over 7 figures in his 20s & founder of Deus Media Group
• YouTube Channel with over 80k+ Subs & Editing Agency with 15+ employees


• Specializes in SEO and Media buying (Facebook, TikTok, Google PPC)
• Outranked eToro's brand keyword to sell his website for over 6 figures
• Built a website generating over $30k Monthly Recurring Revenue


• Multiplied wealth to mid 6 figures through steady investments in only 4 years
• On track to reach 7 figures using his experience in sales and investing
• Prior experience working in finance and sales in the startup ecosystem

and many more...

Everything You Get

  • Get advice on your studies & main career

    Not everybody can drop their studies/job and start a business. Our experts help you build your dream career while building side-ventures:
    - University studies
    - Consulting
    - Banking & Private Equity
    - Sales/Corporate/
    - Weekly live calls, masterminds, 1on1 coachings & more

  • Attempt moonshots to 100x your wealth*

    - Angel Investing Deals
    - Private Equity Deals
    - High beta Investing
    - Building syndicates
    - Raising a fund
    - Raising venture financing

    *moonshots are attempts at growing your net worth exponentially after building a solid income foundation

  • Build income streams with side-ventures*

    - Micro Private Equity
    - Faceless YouTube empires
    - Creator economy jobs
    - E-commerce
    - Freelancing jobs
    - Video agencies powered by AI
    - Investing
    - & more

    *money-back-guarantee if you don’t earn money

  • Meet your future best friends & partners

    - Regular live calls
    - Networking meetings
    - Business partner matching
    - Real-life events
    - Mentorship program
    - REAL friendships that will last years
    - The exclusive club you always wished you were part of

Don't Take Our Word For It


Here's some of the many things you'll get:

  • Learn how to build online income streams from scratch - without any investment

  • Access 20+ courses on building income streams (we are constantly adding courses)

  • Never feel alone again. Direct contact to coaches and like-minded friends

  • Never wonder what to do again. Ask the team all questions, 24/7, via chat or live calls

  • Find your tribe. We are the most ambitious community online. Let's aim for the stars together!

  • Need a kick in the a** sometimes? Say no more. We will get you on track – and make sure you start earning!

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Answers to the burning questions in your mind.
What is Giga University?

Giga University is a closed community and university, mainly based on a Discord server with experts helping you build a career and make money online. You can access our community and university from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

Who are the professors?

Our professors are people with deep topic expertise. Professors have distinguished themselves as being among the top 1% of people in the given field they are teaching. And, they have proven to be good teachers (which is remarkable, many talented people are actually very bad teachers!).

What is the investment cost?

The monthly investment is currently at $19. The entry fee is $39 – that’s a one-time payment. The cost will increase gradually over the coming months in order to keep the community at an adequate size. If you join now, you lock in the cheapest price available.

Is it worth it?

The majority of our members decide to renew their membership. Our singular focus is to provide the best value possible and make sure every members builds a solid career and income foundation
– in order to attempt ambitious moonshots in the future. You benefit from
– a vast amount of courses and resources to learn how to build a career and make money
– a broad network of experts and likeminded people with the same ambition level as you
– a list of side
– venture ideas anyone can start in order to start generating passive income
– and much more

Can I start generating income with 0$?

Yes, we structured our university courses following a ladder principle: First, we introduce methods that are easy to learn and enable you to earn hundreds of dollars per month.Then, we introduce more complicated methods that enable you to earn thousands of dollars per month. Lastly, we introduce moonshot methods that enable you to earn hundreds of thousands and millions. Depending on your net worth and seniority you may skip to the methods that seem most adequate for you.

Where are students from?

We encourage students from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, etc. to join us. Our community thrives on diversity. We also organize occasional community meetups in different cities around the world that are joined by the Giga University leadership.
What if I don’t like it or it does not work? If you dislike the university experience you are free to cancel anytime – no obligations

Is this inspired by Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University?

We have been working on Giga University for the past 12 months together with a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and ‘traditional’ career M&A investment bankers. Our vision was to teach EVERYBODY how to build a prestigious career that leads to millionaire status as fast as possible and does not make you dependent on one employee. We took inspiration from Andrew Tate’s marketing strategy which is genius. We are proud to say that the content of our university is 1. More comprehensive and 2. More refined than Hustler’s University (check our member testimonials!).


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