In this course you will learn exactly how to build a successful YouTube channel empire – be it one channel or multiple channels. Be it running them very actively or outsourcing as much as possible. Over the past months and years, Kevin Jon, one of our professors has built a synergetic network of YouTube channels. He did so by mainly focusing on the documentary niche – because right now is a unique moment in time. There is a great opportunity to build documentary and animation channels because of the high level of AI support you can apply during the process. Contrary to what some gurus might want to teach you: Quality is key—create engaging, informative, and visually appealing videos. We’ll teach you how. Lastly, we’ll also tell you how to regularly upload content to maintain audience engagement and growth as well as optimize monetization for your channel.


What nobody tells you before starting your YouTube channel building journey. Why you should read our course pdf before watching the course. It contains some great primers and secrets.

How to pick a niche so that your channel goes viral if one of your videos goes viral. This is critical when trying to build a successful channel, that will attract evergreen views.

The quantitative, analytical method of picking a niche for your YouTube channel. Picking a niche is very important in order to make sure you earn money with your channel ASAP.

There is also a qualitative, less analytical method of picking a niche for your YouTube channel. Even though we love analytics, you should consider this option to make money long-term.

We are doing YouTube for passion, but we also want to make money with it. This is why you need to keep some important things in mind before considering channel/video ideas and strategies.

YouTube comes down to telling great stories. If you cannot tell great stories (or your employees) you will fail. 100% guaranteed. We teach you how to tell stories with an easy framework.

It’s not as easy as you think. There are some minor but important things you should keep in mind when uploading your video to YouTube to ensure success.

The famous 3 video strategy for people who do not want to waste time and want to be the proud owner of a successful and monetized YouTube channel ASAP.

If you don’t want to do everything yourself you’ll need to hire people. And hiring is hard. But if you nail it, you have a huge competitive advantage. We show you how we hired more than 30 people.

It’s not as easy as briefing someone and they’ll deliver the perfect work. This lesson will save you at least 3 months of time based on our experience of hiring dozens of people.

At some point things start getting messy. Multiple scripts, video edits, sponsorships in the pipeline. Maybe multiple people working for you. We show you how to manage that.

The works starts when you video is uploaded. That’s when you need to optimize for CTR – and make sure you don’t leave money on the table.

There are some options to earn even more on YouTube. We explain what these are, how to modify them and whether or not you should use all the options.

How to deal with demonetization? What about copyright issues? Based on the experience with some of our crime channels (and others) we give you our secret advice.

There are a multitude of options on how to make money with YouTube and AdSense is just one of them. If you want to unlock the full potential, you need to know all the options.

If you are not satisfied building just one channel – or you get bored – we show you how to build a proper portfolio of synergetic channels. And what is critical when doing so.

This is for the megalomaniacs among us. A guide on how to get into billionaire territory when building YouTube channels – and turning them into media conglomerates.